The Orchestration of Light

Experimental Theatrical Performance


Original script and unique decor

Merging traditional and digital art


Live camera capture


Filmed and edited live

Made available through live streaming

Live audience


25 members of audience

Artists from all fields

Live music


Singer songwriter, Gwen Austin – vocals and guitar

Original songs inspired by the script

Experimental Performance
The Orchestration of Light is a unique theatrical performance that embraces the digital media sphere.
The story is set in the late 1950s in America and the characters are representatives of the beat generation – young and talented people with a restless heart, boiling in a sea of apparent calmness installed by the government. Women tired of being perfect housewives in perfect match-box houses. Men with a thirst for adventure on the road, be it of concrete or spiritual deliverance. As paint traces lines invisible to an untrained eye, so do light and darkness form shadows and illusions in our lives.
Follow the painter and his muses as they play with paint and hallucinations caused by drugs and alcohol, and enter a mesmerising world that brings new media in contact with art and traditional theatre.


Technical Crew



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