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Luana’s Dream is an NGO that focuses on loving all living creatures. It dedicates it’s time and passion to the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals and was created as an homage to a kind and selfless veterinarian who unfortunately passed away too early.Luana’s Dream is not a dream anymore as more than 100 volunteers keep the Centre going with a lot of visitors entering their doors; from pidgins to foxes and from owl to turtles, all find helping hands and open hearts here.

More than 80 bats (Nyctalus noctula, and some Pipistrellus pipistrellus & Vespertilio murinus) were saved by the volunteers earlier this year from a building that went under renovation. They host the bats in their cellar, feed and water them with the help of volunteers every two weeks until their hibernation period is over and they are fit to go free.

Valuable lessons about wildlife and a great deal of care can be found at this centre so I urge people of all ages to get in touch and make a difference because…no animal is ugly, no life is worthless.

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