In our pressured, busy and self-involved lives Nature can sometimes be hard to identify with, to understand, to consider as part of our own being.

Maybe that’s why some people treat it worse than they would another person.

But what if we would find out that Nature lives, breathes, loves and hurts as we do? What if we would think that this living creature is invisible to our eyes, hidden from our perceptions, but nonetheless here, there, everywhere?

Would we be kinder and more attentive towards Nature?

Beliefs and responsibility


fairy ~Pronunciation: /ˈfɛːri ~ (noun) ~ A small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, especially a female one:she believed she had had fairies at the bottom of her garden*


These “magical beings” appear in almost every culture and are endowed with magic and connected in a way or other to nature. Be they elves, banshees, dwarves or leprechauns, they all stir an emotion within us: fear, appreciation, bewilderment.

They were attributed an important role of guarding and/or managing the natural world from any threats that might change it’s delicate balance, so therefore guarding it from human who were greedy and disrespectful was a priority.

Now, be it truth or myth, we should consider their role and take it upon us to safeguard our planet and look with wonder, respect and love towards every grain of sand, blade of grass or drop of water.


*Oxford Dictionary