an international beat of the heart




People interviewed

Target: Students of Agder University and the World

Duration: One hour/ week (August -December 2010)

Format: Contemporary Hit Radio + World Radio

Name: Exchanging sounds

Slogan: An international beat of the heart

Host: Bianca Stefanut

Guest: Depended on the country invited to present their culture

Music: Presents music by tempo, alternating different genres of music, traditional music, hits, maybe phone/internet requests

Description: Exchanging sounds was designed as a program that wants to bring a cultural and fun hour a week to the Norwegian and exchange students. 250 people from 23 counties learned about one another, asked questions and found answers, socialised and listened to great music! There was a guest invited each time from another country and was asked about the traditions and weird facts about their country and impressions about Norway. A maximum of 5 songs typical for the country was played in the hour. The rest of the songs were popular melodies. The questions were asked during the whole hour to keep the interest going. An invitation to joing via  messenger/Facebook page / e-mail and/or phone facilitated a more interactive program. The possibility of having live questions or music suggestions made everything more interesting.

The program contained news of cultural happenings in town or in the campus. Ex.: theater, cinema, STA, other organization presentations etc. Reminders for exchange students to do things as going to the language course, to the international office if necessary or organised trips were also part of the program.

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